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1. How do I register?

Log on to www.teachidaho.org and go to the REGISTER  page. Follow the directions to register.

 2. What are the costs and benefits of registering?

Membership is free. After signing up, members will be directly contacted regarding upcoming events, professional development, and new state and national initiatives. Members will receive reduced fees for TeachIdaho classes and events.

 3. Why should teachers register?

TeachIdaho is building a database of teachers who can receive information and support through the website and through our professional development classes. We want to inform teachers of any upcoming events and opportunities they may want to participate in.

 4. What are the goals of TeachIdaho?

TeachIdaho wants to become the website of choice for teachers to find support, information, and news about the educational community. The organization was launched for two reasons: 1) to disseminate information and new teaching research to teachers in the field, and 2) to recognize and support teachers. Our website includes a forum where teachers can request help with research, lessons, classroom management, and any other questions and concerns.

 5. Why did you start TeachIdaho?

TeachIdaho was started by two women who were concerned about teachers and the teaching profession. Sallie Herrold wanted to provide educators with research and resources on best practices, technological innovations, and classroom management. Kali Kurdy is a lifelong teacher. After retiring from education, she has been working with educational agencies and schools through a consulting business. In the last few years, she has become concerned about funding issues that reduce or eliminate funding for professional development. She is also discouraged about the perception of teachers within the community. Both Herrold and Kurdy feel it is important to recognize good teachers and offer support and information to any teacher seeking help.

 6. You are a small non-profit. How are you going to accomplish your goals?

Our strength is our membership. TeachIdaho has a wealth of talented teachers, retired teachers, and community members on its Advisory Board. They represent former Board of Director members, college professors, Teachers of the Year, as well as young teachers just entering the profession. TeachIdaho will be soliciting the support and expertise of teacher mentors, Teachers of the Year, National Board Certified Teachers and other professionals who can offer workshops and classes using their rich experience in the classroom.

 7. How will you pay for these teacher workshops?

Workshops will be funded by fees to cover basic materials. Members will receive discounts on fees for workshops and classes taught by TeachIdaho staff. Fundraisers will periodically be held at Celebration Functions sponsored by TeachIdaho. We also will gladly accept contributions from individuals and companies who are teacher advocates and want to invest in their children's educations.

 8. What other events and programs will TeachIdaho be involved in?

Over time, TeachIdaho hopes to hold an annual teacher recognition luncheon. Thisevent will be free to our members. We plan to host a number of Celebration of Teachers evenings, inviting all teachers to come for refreshments and collaboration. We are organizing a "Teacher Hostel" program where teachers can attend professional development throughout the state and have a free place to stay with a teacher who teaches the same subject or the same grade. TeachIdaho seeks to have a role in conferences and workshops throughout the state.