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What do you wish for?

TeachIdaho asks for donations in two ways:
    1. Time, Talent or Treasure--all will be appreciated and used to help teachers
    2. Contributions to our website--Log on to our Forum and leave a great lesson, or a site  
        you depend on, or a story that tells about the success you have in the classroom.

How Will Your Donation Be Used?

TeachIdaho is a non-profit organizations made up of people with a passion for improving the condition of teachers and students in Idaho.  There are no paid employees to worry about, and no overhead costs to cover each month.  All of our time is volunteered.  What that means is that every dollar or minute you donate will go directly to the teachers of Idaho.  It’s just that simple.  Some of the ways your donation might be used would include:

Lesson Plan Development

A history teacher in Lewiston doesn’t have the time to research a Civil War battle in time to lead high school discussion
A retired teacher from Meridian who wrote her thesis in Civil War battlefield strategy reaches out and provides the lesson plan and background materials which ensure a positive day of classroom learning.

Relationship Building

An 8th grade math teacher in Pocatello wants to attend the TeachIdaho conference in April, but can’t afford gas and lodging expenses.
An 8th grade math teacher in Boise signs up as a sponsor, and invites his peer to stay with him during the conference.  Both teachers attend together, establshing professional bonds which last for years.

Classroom Assistance

An elementary school art teacher in Weiser wants to do a holiday project requiring a kiln.  Unfortunately, there  is no budget for a kiln, and there is no way she can fund it herself.
As a result of donations made by local businesses, the teacher is put in touch with a local glass blower who donates kiln time for her 3rd and 4th grade classes.

How Can You Help?

Whether you donate one dollar, or a thousand, rest assured that the money will be used to promote education in this state.  From Priest River to Idaho Falls, teachers are in need of help today more than ever.  We know the economy is tough, so if you can’t provide a financial donation, TeachIdaho can use meeting space, as swell as any expertise you have managed to garner over the years.

Help us help teachers by making a tax deductible donation today!