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Advisory Board

Sally AndersonEducational Consultant 

Sally has worked in Educational Development for many years.  She was a supervisor and coordinator for the JA and Kathyrn Albertson foundation.  She currently works in educational consulting, facilitating and implementing programs throughout the West.


Bev Harad—Education Supporter

  Bev served the community of Boise for 18 years as a trustee for the Board of the Boise School District.  She has worked on numerous committees that have benefitted the teaching profession.  Bev is also a well-regarded community advocate for schools and teachers.  She has worked tirelessly over the years, in an often challenging environment, to bring the issues of education to the notice of the public.


Patricia Kempthorne—Twiga Foundation

 Patricia has a long record of advocacy for education and educators.  Speaking about community health and wellness issues at numerous schools jumpstarted Patricia’s  interest in community health and workplace flexibility.  The Twiga Foundation advocates workplace wellness through flexibility, which extends to the educational community as well.  Patricia believes in a strong link between healthy educators, healthy schools, healthy work environments, and healthy communities.


Liza Long--Educator, Writer, Co-Founder

  Liza is a co-founder of TeachIdaho and a professional writer.  She currently teaches full time at Carrington College where she instructs students in the writing process.  She is also an active contributor to TeachIdaho events and workshops.  Her blog, anarchistsoccermom, is a must read.

Patricia Pierose—Retired Teacher

  Patty may be retired from teaching, but her interest in education is as strong as it has ever been.  After retirement, Pat taught in an alternative junior high.  She counts her days of teaching American Humanities as a highlight of her career.  Pat won a grant to study Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman from the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Taking part in the National Writing Project defined Pat as a writer as well as a writing teacher.


Jeff Simmons—e-educator

  Jeff taught in an alternative school, Meridian Academy, for 6 years.  During that time, in 2007, he was named Teacher of the Year.  Jeff’s interest and ability lead him to become a part of the Idaho Digital Learning Academy.  He not only teaches, but also has an administrative role at IDLA.  Jeff has developed programs in Virtual Learning at a national level.


Wanda Quinn--University of Idaho

Wanda Quinn

Wanda is in charge of program development with special emphasis in professional development and programs such as the geographic information systems (GIS) certificate, executive master of business administration (EMBA) program and special workshops and series of Northern Idaho. She is also a key community liaison with a regular presence at area Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club events and activities.

Jordan Greene--RewardsForce, Seattle, WA

Jordan Greene

Co-founder of RewardsForce, a TechStars & Angel-backed startup providing loyalty and rewards club management software to casinos and card rooms. Jordan attended University of Idaho, where he graduated in 3 years with his business degree.  He also coordinated International Economic Summits as program manager for the Center for Economic Education.  

Krista Oberlindacher Lloyd--Teacher, North Star Charter School

Bio Image

Krista O. Lloyd grew up in Palo Alto, California. She finished her early education and ended up in Boise for 9th and 10th grade. Boise was not quite ready for her so she finished high school and attended several colleges before coming back to finish her English degree and teaching credential at Boise State University in 1994. Krista teaches English and Journalism at North Star Charter School and is also IB coordinator, Extended Essay and CAS coordinator.In her free time, Mrs. Lloyd plays the bass guitar in a band called Beltane. She enjoys camping, gardening, reading, writing, cooking and eating, listening to live music and hanging out with family: daughter Riley and son Jake. 


Cindy Wilson--Teacher, Centennial High  School

Cindy Wilson

Social studies teacher Cindy P. Wilson makes government come alive for her students at Centennial High School. She incorporates Supreme Court cases in her curriculum, building a connection between her lessons and the real world.  She has helped her students become politically knowledgeable and active over the years.  Mrs. Wilson is a leader outside the classroom as well, serving on curriculum committees and hosting community round table discussions and political debates.